Affordable Care Act

The Tale of Two ACA’s

The dust is just beginning to settle from a recent and massive decision involving the third largest insurer in America heel turning on ACA exchanges in all but four states. Last week Aetna announced they would be leaving ACA exchanges in nearly 70% of the counties they were currently serving over financial concerns with those…

AIRTIN500 Error

Managing AIR TN500 Errors Matters in 2016

Has your organization received notification from the IRS that one or more of your 2016 1094-C and/or 1095-C forms contained incorrect employee Taxpayer Identification Numbers? Even if you have not received one yet, there is a very good chance that you might since the season for these dreaded and difficult I.R.S “AIRTN500 Error” messages is…

Concerned Businessman

Another Insurer Marketplace Exit Raises ACA Sustainability Concerns

Aetna is one of the largest insurance companies in the country, and they struck another blow to the sustainability of the ACA marketplace.  They were also one of the most ardent supporters from within the insurance industry for health reform.   That was until the finances came in this year.  In their 2nd quarter earnings…


Telemedicine is transforming Health Care – Why, what is the value to me?

All of the changes happening is going to lead to less choice in the marketplace for many American’s as a result of all of the changes following the Affordable Care Act. The problem is that healthcare costs have put many in difficult positions. One of the bright spots in all of these changes is telemedicine…

Wellness benefits

Wellness benefits – why now, what is their value to me?

One of the difficult decisions you may be going through as an employer or executive in charge of employee benefits is picking the right wellness plan. Wellness has been a buzzword the past decade and it is really beginning to pick up adoption particularly among large employers. In this segment of America’s Healthcare Challenge we…

Business Owners

Insurance Market Reforms: An Outlook for Individuals and Small Businesses

The most significant changes to our healthcare system came through insurance regulatory changes, and when comes to insurance post Affordable Care Act, the individual marketplace lays the groundwork for the group marketplace. Many American’s are receiving premium increases. Premium changes in the ACA state based marketplaces are driven by many new factors. The most important…