WEBINAR: Why January 1st Is Too Late – 5 Things Employers Must Do Now to Prepare for the ACA

Why January 1st Is Too Late: 5 Things Employers MUST DO NOW To Prepare for the ACA
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Keynote Speakers:
Kaya Bromley, Founder & President of Your Obamacare Advisors
Sean McGuire, Founder & President of E.D. Bellis Healthcare Consultants

Health Reform Explained TV: Governor Dave Heineman

Yesterday, we had the privilege and pleasure to talk with the Governor of Nebraska Dave Heineman. In this exclusive behind the scenes take, the Governor shares his thoughts about the #ACA#medicaid expansion and what his favorite healthy meal is with Sean… For the entire exclusive interview, tune in to America’s Healthcare Challenge on The Mighty 1290 KOIL this Saturday 10|9c.