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Insurance Market Reforms: An Outlook for Individuals and Small Businesses

The most significant changes to our healthcare system came through insurance regulatory changes, and when comes to insurance post Affordable Care Act, the individual marketplace lays the groundwork for the group marketplace. Many American’s are receiving premium increases. Premium changes in the ACA state based marketplaces are driven by many new factors. The most important…

Five Secrets About the ACA Our Government Is Hiding

The Affordable Care Act is underestimated in size and scope.  It is still being written through regulation, and not even the Jeopardy super computer “Watson” could  keep up with all of the changes coming out every day. 


Sean McGuire was working for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee when the thoughts of health reform began. He is the founder of E.D. Bellis a healthcare consultancy and host of America's Healthcare Challenge. To hear Sean speak contact

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