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Our blog offers articles  for the public about the Affordable Care Act.  Commentary includes the latest on what small businesses and individuals need to know, facts about the new Obama healthcare law, fictional scenarios and tips to lower costs.  Check out a podcast from our radio program, America’s Healthcare Challenge, for the most current information on healthcare reform.


Sean McGuire was working for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee when the thoughts of health reform began. He is the founder of E.D. Bellis a healthcare consultancy and host of America's Healthcare Challenge. To hear Sean speak contact

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AHC’s Election Special

The presidential candidates have concluded debates and the homestretch is in view.  There will be a sprint to the finish line and do not expect much substance to come out in the next ten days.  The Affordable Care Act was missing from the dialogue during most of the debate other than promises of repeal by…


AHC Election Special Monologue

Welcome to America’s Healthcare Challenge No guests, just information and clarification of the facts related to the largest bill passed in American History, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. I encourage your calls at 402-558-1110 or 800-543-1110.  If you are in favor of the law please call and share your thoughts.  If you are opposed,…


AHC Scenario: Acme Technologies

Acme Technologies is a start-up company in the health information field has 100 employees. They rent their offices and the CEO is a 40 year old Generation X’er, who dropped out of medical school to form the company. As Willy Nelson always said, its been rough and rocky traveling but the company has surpassed their…


AHC Scenario: General Hospital

This is the second of a series of scenarios designed to demonstrate the impact of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare on the private marketplace.  For more information or to hear my commentary tune into America’s Healthcare Challenge.  Latest podcast here. General Hospital is the only hospital in a mid-sized city.  It has 300 beds…


Election Predictions

Tomorrow after a long 18 months, the presidential election process will conclude. I predict it will not be completely resolved until legal issues have been taken care of which delays any progress and divides the country.  Regardless of your affiliation we as American’s want immediate answers, so what can we takeaway  from the election right…


AHC Scenario: Dr. Love

America’s Healthcare Challenge election edition featured three scenarios  to demonstrate the impact the Affordable Care Act commonly referred to as Obamacare is already having on important stakeholders.  The fictional characters are designed to help you understand the challenges many healthcare providers face and uncertainty business owners are currently facing because of a law passed over two…


Election Coverage: What You Need to Know

There are some people in this country more excited about today than Christmas or the Super Bowl.  Policy wonks and political junkies like yours truly are either totally jacked up or nervous as hell.  There is also no question millions of Americans in swing states are completely over campaign ads. Today represents an opportunity. A…


AHC Scenario: John Q. Candidate

The following is a scenario drafted to illustrate the impact the health reform legislation will have on all of us including our elected officials.  State health insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion will challenge state legislatures across the country.  Here is the profile of a new public servant and the troubles they will face.  For more…