In the Booth: Shane Osborn, U.S. Senate Candidate

Joining us on America’s Healthcare Challenge – U.S. Senate Candidate Shane Osborn. In this first segment with Shane, he shares his background and qualifications to be your United States Senator. U.S. Senate Candidate Shane Osborn (Pt. 1) The second segment features Shane talking about his tour across Nebraska, the Veterans Health Administration, and how he…


If you build it, will they come?

Experts believe Health Insurance Exchanges will be like online shopping malls for purchasing coverage. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in conjunction with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachussetts Foundation put together this helpful resource on health insurance exchanges.  This will serve as background for my upcoming column on the same subject. From RWJ: Under…


How The Affordable Care Act Will Affect Your Dental Health Coverage

The Affordable Care Act has many far-reaching implications for the American public. Also known as Obamacare, the purpose of this legislation is to provide health insurance to those Americans that could not previously afford it, or had pre-existing conditions, which prevented them from participating. The Act itself is incredibly large and very complex. Some of…


Healthcare Reform Year in Review

This site was developed to be a fact finder and truth teller about one of the largest laws passed in United States history.  Right now, the Affordable Care Act is still being fine-tuned by the executive branch making it a moving target.  Many rules were written over the course of 2012 but only recently were they released.

Additional regulations will be coming in the future and expect a volatile 2013 as small businesses all over the country struggle to disseminate said regulations.

Fortunately for you, E.D. Bellis has your back.


Sean McGuire was working for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee when the thoughts of health reform began. He is the founder of E.D. Bellis a healthcare consultancy and host of America's Healthcare Challenge. To hear Sean speak contact

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Health Reform Movie Marathon

As we approach the solstice, the heat on those avoiding reality in dealing with the Affordable Care Act, because the deadline is nearing the 6-month mark. As someone who deals with one of the most complicated laws in U.S. history, one of my favorite ways to do ignore reality is relax at home with good…


Health Reform Explained TV: Governor Dave Heineman

Yesterday, we had the privilege and pleasure to talk with the Governor of Nebraska Dave Heineman. In this exclusive behind the scenes take, the Governor shares his thoughts about the #ACA#medicaid expansion and what his favorite healthy meal is with Sean… For the entire exclusive interview, tune in to America’s Healthcare Challenge on The Mighty 1290 KOIL this Saturday 10|9c.

Happy SCOTUS Week!

Photo from Washington Post This post comes live from the Heartland where we are currently experiencing paradise like weather.  Too bad the same could not be said, metaphorically, for the health reform legislation.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also referred to commonly as Obamacare, finds itself in national headlines this week as the Supreme Court…