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Another Insurer Backing Away From ACA Marketplaces

Humana Leaving More Obamacare Marketplaces On the heels of a monumental announcement from the Department of Justice and their plans to block two mega mergers in the insurance industry, one of the key stakeholder involved announced that they would be pulling out of several more states.   For nearly a year the federal government has…

Explaining ACA to business

Explaining the Benefit of Self-Funding Plans Post ACA

Your health plan renewal is rapidly approaching and your organization is facing increased healthcare costs and out of control drug spending. What are your options? Understanding the financial impact, compliance challenges and new administrative burdens associated with the ACA Employer Mandate is just the first step in this process of managing compliance and employee benefits.…

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The Big Insurer Marketplace Exodus & Fully-Insured Plans in 2017

Large insurers leaving the ACA party early is threatening to undermine the mechanics of how the legislation was designed to operate during a ten-year implementation period. The unraveling began in 2015 as numerous carriers showed significant losses on their blocks of businesses in the ACA marketplace, and the recent announcement by United Healthcare that they…

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New White-Collar Exemption Changes May Mean Increased Labor Costs, Compliance Efforts

The proposed U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) changes to the “white-collar exemption” in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) could make more than 5 million individuals eligible for overtime pay—individuals who currently aren’t eligible. This could have a significant impact on employers who may face increased labor costs and compliance efforts. To qualify for the…