Avoiding March Madness

Now that the super bowl is behind us the mood for sports enthusiasts around this part of the country shifts to college basketball, and before you know it someone will be organizing a bracket pool in your office.   One of my favorite slides to show audiences across the country is a bracket outlining how…

IRS Money

IRS Reporting Deadline Extension

In yet another surprising move during a snowy holiday break, everybody’s favorite agency of government, the Internal Revenue Service, gave applicable large employers more time in 2016 to file their “Official Employer Report” and notify employees of coverage availability.   Context   This is important for two reasons. First, the government has to track those…


What to Watch for in Second Half of 2015

The Affordable Care Act survived a second appearance in the Supreme Court. The law has officially achieved feline status and appears to have nine lives. Remember this is not the first rodeo for arguably the largest piece of social legislation since the Medicare program.   King v. Burwell will probably be the final legal challenge…


Health Reform Movie Marathon

As we approach the solstice, the heat on those avoiding reality in dealing with the Affordable Care Act, because the deadline is nearing the 6-month mark. As someone who deals with one of the most complicated laws in U.S. history, one of my favorite ways to do ignore reality is relax at home with good…


4 Reasons Congress Should Pass the ABLE Act

Washington, DC is polarized due to the divided government and amidst all of the political grandstanding is a measure that could make a positive impact on many families. Even though there is unlikely to be much legislating until after the November election, this piece of legislation has bi-partisan support and could make its way into…


WEBINAR: Why January 1st Is Too Late – 5 Things Employers Must Do Now to Prepare for the ACA

Why January 1st Is Too Late: 5 Things Employers MUST DO NOW To Prepare for the ACA
presented by FreedomCare Benefits

Keynote Speakers:
Kaya Bromley, Founder & President of Your Obamacare Advisors
Sean McGuire, Founder & President of E.D. Bellis Healthcare Consultants