America’s Healthcare Challenge 14

According to virtually every political pundit, last week’s presidential debate performance by Governor Mitt Romney changed the dynamic of the campaign.  The challenger scored a consensus victory over President Obama in their first of their three contests.  Romney has closed the gap in national polling by pulling closer to the incumbent, however, the only thing…


Big Bird… You Serious Clark?

So let’s get things straight.  We are a nation facing serious financial problems driven extensively by health care costs, as well as a looming fiscal cliff, automatic spending cuts and increased taxes. Entitlement spending for programs like Medicare threaten future generations pursuit of happiness and will consume our entire federal budget by the 2040’s if…


Previewing the Veep Stakes

If you are feeling short on time, it is because your universe is expanding.  I feel the same way.  Perhaps smart phones are making people over-commit as we shift from a post industrial managerial to an information society.  Others believe the economy in stagnation forcing is companies to do more with less, which translates to…


Biden Unchained: Veep Candidates Fight to Draw

If you were checking out the baseball playoffs, or avoiding reality by watching reality television, you missed quite a debate between the vice-presidential nominees.  This was a classic bout of politics versus policy, and the verbal judo match had its fair share of jabs, eye gouges and low blows.  The dialogue was focused mostly on…


Medicare Matters

If I was one of the “Powers that Be” running our federal government, I would not be long after I waved my democracy magic wand, and the public would care enough to vote.  There has never been a more contentious issue with more complexity nor has there been a clearer contrast on the future direction…


America’s Healthcare Challenge 15

The mission of America’s Healthcare Challenge has been to be a non-partisan fact finder and truth teller on the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid and other items related to healthcare.  As an issue impacting all of us, regardless of our politics, it needs to be taken seriously.  Healthcare spending is the number one driver of…


Obama Narrowly Takes Round Two

Round two of the Presidential debate from Hofstra University featured a different format with comparable results.  The town hall style played to the strengths of the President who appeared much more comfortable without the podium, and took full advantage of the new format to connect with voters, and take a few jabs at the Challenger, Governor Mitt Romney.   Obama was also more aggressive, pushing Romney to the ropes on several points, and coming off much better this time around, particularly on television.  It also helped when he was vindicated by the moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, on a small semantics argument 2/3 of the way through.  The crowd cheered and the President rode the momentum to the end, capitalizing on the energy, and providing a fantastic close.


Sean McGuire was working for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee when the thoughts of health reform began. He is the founder of E.D. Bellis a healthcare consultancy and host of America's Healthcare Challenge. To hear Sean speak contact

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Omaha Press Club Noon Forum

Not too long after the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court, I had the opportunity to participate in the noon forum of the Omaha Press Club to discuss what was next for the health reform legislation.  Appearing with Omaha Neurologist, Harris Frankel, the two of us discussed the implications of the monumental…


Romney’s Last Chance

photo credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images Round three the Presidential slugfest will be this evening and focus on foreign policy.  It will be Governor Romney’s last chance to make his case to the American electorate in an unfiltered manner.  Will he score the knockout blow he desperately needs to win over cherished independent voters?  A solid…


Brass Tacks: Debate Takeaways

If you are seeking the winner of the final debate you should ask the pundits or you can tune into this week’s episode of America’s Healthcare Challenge for my take.  If you polled the average American the next day at the water cooler, their response would probably have included a collection of either the Chicago…